Have bank ATM card? Don’t lose your money; check this 10 point action list

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Have bank ATM card? Don’t lose your money; check this 10 point action list

So many people have lost their money. Make sure you are not one of them. Bank ATM card holders should be aware of the fact that they can lose their money any time if they are not extremely careful. Such tragedies should be avoided at all costs. Several cases of fraudulent withdrawal from bank ATMs have recently been reported in the national capital, and the culprits have done this mischief after cloning the cards of innocent people. The victims came to know about such withdrawals through SMSes. People have lost tens of thousands of rupees in a series of incidents.

Such incidents have recently been reported in Preet Vihar and Laxmi Nagar areas of East Delhi. In fact, these victims had no idea that they had lost teh money till they received SMSes from their banks. By then it was too late, tragedy had already struck.


The fraudulent withdrawal cases have surprisingly witnessed spurt and only in Shakarpur area of East Delhi about 300 cases have reportedly been registered.

A few months ago, Delhi Police in Dwarka area had busted a gang involved in ATM fraud cases, but the police had to do a lot of leg work to nab the miscreants. After busting the gang police came to know about their modus operandi.

Their strategy involved twin methods; either they used a hidden camera that recorded PIN or password of the card holder. After getting the details, they used to clone the card to siphon away money.

After knowing this, obviously, we need to give it a serious thought to save us from being the next victim.

The biggest lesson has to be taken from such incidents that anyone who goes to the bank ATM should take precautions like:

1. Use only those ATMs where a guard is deputed
2. Never use an ATM situated in a secluded area
3. Prior to withdrawal of money, check if there are any hidden camera or any suspicious objects around
4. Ensure that nobody barring you is inside the ATM
5. Never take the help other person inside the ATM
6. Whenever you withdraw money, you should cover your card with other hand
7. Try to use those ATMs where the whole card gets inserted
8. Never open e-mails from strangers – these may be phishing attempts.
9. Be careful of other e-mails that may be in the names of friends or family. Often these are compromised
10. Check the amounts in your bank account every other day.



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