Lockdown 5.0 or Unlock 1.0: What is open, what’s not – explained in brief

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Lockdown 5.0 or Unlock 1.0: What is open, what’s not – explained in brief

Unlock 1.0 guidelines: What is allowed in India in Lockdown 5.0 or Unlock 1.0? The Union Ministry of Home Affairs on Saturday issued the guidelines of the phased opening up of the country after a lockdown that lasted over two months. As per the ministry order, the country will be opened up in three phases, which will span over the course of a few months. Apart from this, special instructions have been issued regarding containment zones and for the movement of persons and goods.

Unlock 1.0 guidelines: Gist of the MHA order


The phased guidelines, only applicable, in non-containment zones are listed below.

Phase I: Coming into effect on June 8

  • Religious places or places of worship would be opened for public
  • Hotels, restaurants and other establishments in the hospitality sector would be allowed to resume operations
  • Shopping malls would be opened

Phase II: To be decided in July

  • The Centre would issue guidelines regarding the opening up of schools, colleges, educational institutions, training centres, coaching institutions, etc., in consultation with the state governments and UTs.

Phase III: Dates for these activities to be decided based on assessment of situation

  • International travel of passengers via air, except for as allowed by the MHA
  • Resumption of metro rail
  • The opening of cinema halls, swimming pools, gymnasiums, theatres, entertainment parks, auditoriums, bars, etc.
  • Large congregations and gatherings of social, political, cultural, academic, sports, entertainment or religious natures

Apart from these, the ministry has also issued guidelines for containment zones.

  • Containment zones will continue to remain under lockdown till June 30, 2020.
  • The demarcation of these zones will be in accordance with the directives of Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and will be carried out by district authorities.
  • Only essential activities will be carried out in these zones.
  • There will be no movement of people in or out of these zones, unless it is for medical purposes or for maintaining the supply of essential goods and services.
  • Intensive contact tracing, house-to-house surveillance or clinical interventions will be carried out in these zones as needed.

MHA unlock guidelines: Movement of goods and persons

  • No restriction on inter-state or intra-state movement of goods and persons and no permission, approval or e-permit would be required specially required for this.
  • If states or UTs feel the need to regulate the movement of persons for any reason, they must widely publicise such restrictions well in advance.
  • Trains and domestic air travel would be allowed as per the SOPs issued by the Centre.
  • Goods or cargo trade, as per treatise with neighbouring countries, would be allowed to cross borders.
  • A night curfew will be placed between 9 pm and 5 am.
  • The guidelines further advise that persons who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 should remain at home.

Details SOPs regarding these guidelines would be issued by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare soon so that the spread of COVID-19 can be contained in these relaxations.



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