New WhatsApp Messenger Policy: How to control and protect your privacy on your device

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New WhatsApp Messenger Policy: How to control and protect your privacy on your device

The debate regarding digital privacy has been going around for several years now. However, many smartphone users have started paying attention to this topic now after the recent change in WhatsApp policy to share user data with Facebook. If you are concerned and want to control and protect your privacy on your smartphone, here are a few settings you should update.

Manage App Permissions: Have you ever paid any attention to the permissions that an app requires on your phone? The chances are that you would have just installed the app, agreed to everything and started using the app – this would give apps open access to all the information on your device. Thankfully, you can change this to ensure that your privacy is protected with any app that you install on your smartphone. 


Open Settings on your smartphone and head to the Privacy section to access the Permission Manager. Once you open the Permission Manager, it will show you a list of device features such as camera, call logs, location, microphone, storage, etc. You can open each section to view the list of apps accessing that particular feature and then change settings to deny any app that you don’t want to access a specific feature. We strongly recommend giving permissions to only essential apps and removing the other ones.

Example: If you use Telegram for communication, you need to provide permission for contacts, but you can deny access to your call logs. Going ahead, make sure that you read through the permissions requirement of any app that you install and give access permission to protect your privacy.

Do not use easy account sign-ups: Almost all apps and services require you to create an account to use them now. However, what most of us tend to do is that instead of going through the option to create an account, we choose to sign up using Google, Facebook or Twitter. You don’t realise that when you choose that option, you are providing access to all the information in your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to these third-party apps and services.

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